Name of business from Lappeenranta shines in billboard at Time Square – Finnish Junior Chamber rewarded Afstors Solar Cooker

It is hoped that Solar Cooker powered by sunlight will reduce wood burning in Africa.

Afstors name at billboard in Time Square. Photo: Nasdaq

Afstors photovoltaic system reaps success.

Solar Cooker from Afstor has won start up series in national Productive Idea- competition held by Finnish Junior Chamber.

Ari Piispanen serial entrepreneur from Lappeenranta with Jero Ahola, professor of energy efficiency at LUT-University. Have developed Cooker which is powered by photovoltaic system, which is meant to reduce wood burning in Africa.

System includes solar panels, battery and induction cooker. Which has been in testing almost a year in villages of South-Africa.

Innovation is presented in billboard at New York.

Ari Piispanen is pleased as after long work is noted and rewarded.

-It feels fantastic, when national first price won and it is presented in New York at Nasdaqs billboard, says Piispanen.

Piispanen emphasizes that Solar Cooker has potential to solve great things.

Purely produced energy can be used for cooking, lighting and charging mobile devices. With Solar Cooker African family takes a leap in energy usage to 21th century.

-In Sambia every children cannot attend to school as time is consumed by gathering wood. Also accomplishing homework is difficult without extra light, says Piispanen.

Solar Cooker also received reward from innovation which utilizes UN:s goals in sustainable development.

YLE 6.10.2020