Ambitious.Africa and Afstor partner in collaboration to tackle deforestation in Africa

peter vesterbacka

Ambitious.Africa – a youth initiative that aspires to be the bridge between Africa and the Nordic countries, has partnered up with Afstor, a tech company, that alleviates deforestation with its urgent climate solution.

Ambitious.Africa supports and encourages young people to be active participants in the change of Africa and the Nordics for a better future. It aims to increase wellbeing and happiness in these countries by facilitating sustainable development of local entrepreneurship. It supports initiatives that provide knowledge, skills and products developed for global and local needs – such as Afstor. Afstor has developed a sustainable technology solution to climate change: Solar Home system with induction cooker. The company’s goal is also to raise rural Africans’ educational and living standards by replacing open-fire cooking with an induction cooker and electrifying rural households. “In addition to cooking, Afstor’s Solar Home system with induction cooker produces energy for other purposes, such as telecommunication and lighting, says Ari Piispanen, the founder of Afrstor.

Afstor Solar Home system with induction cooker is designed to provide modern energy to 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa who still live without electricity and use wood as their main energy source.

“It’s great to see successful serial entrepreneurs such as Ari set their sights on solving climate change and bring out real solutions to save the world.” states Peter Vesterbacka, one of the Ambitious.Africa team members. The strategic partnership between Ambitious.Africa and Afstor aims to bring Afstor’s technical solution to various African markets and thus facilitate a sustainable way of living. This collaboration will further Ambitious.Africa’s mission to increase happiness and wellbeing and create a significant social impact in local communities, says Maija Luukka from Ambitious.Africa.

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