Africa cooking
Best way to compensate
CO₂ emissions.

Afstor Solar Home and Cooker system
compensates your CO₂ emissions
and reduces the wood-burning in Africa

Help us to reduce woodburning in Africa, with Afstor Solar Home and Cooker system. You will give a leap in the standard of living for an African family.

See how cooker has helped locals with their daily life. 

Combined usage hours of cookers
Combined compensation of cookers kgCO2

Amount of compensated kilometers

CO2 emissions of car [117 g/km]

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The Challenge in Africa

An open fire is highly energy inefficient and requires a lot of wood. Family of 5 consumes 4000 kg of wood a year producing 6400 kg of CO₂.

840 million people in sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to electricity .



Afstor Solar Home system with induction cooker produces clean energy for cooking, lighting and appliances with 100% solar power and zero CO₂ emissions. It enables an African family to leap to the 21st century in energy use.

During use for five years, one Afstor Solar Home System reduces CO₂ emissions equal to 260,000 km driven by car. You may track usage hours of the system you have purchased and resulting CO₂ compensation on a CO₂ tracking website.

By Purchasing Afstor Solar Home system with induction cooker, you can offset damage on the climate caused at home by reducing an equivalent amount of CO₂ in Africa – cost effectively, easily and with full transparency.

Green Living Moment project linked to Afstor Solar Home systems in Zambia also regreens the degraded areas around the communities through education, tree nurseries and tree growing.

 If you buy an Afstor Solar Home system to a family in Zambia, we provide you information on the usage and eliminated carbon emissions on a monthly basis – one cooker saves about x CO2 equivalents monthly. You can use these saved emissions to compensate your emissions at home or business


Join us!

Our goal is to put an end to the unnecessary use of firewood and massively help in the Reforestation of Africa, mitigate climate change and provide a decent life for the rural population in Sub-Saharan Africa. We look for partners to achieve this critical task. Please be in touch with Tuomo Honkamäki if you feel that you can be of assistance: or call +358 408 604051

The Afstor Solar Home system includes delivery to the end user in Africa and a tracking website. The Buyer will receive a monthly report from the tracking website on usage hours of the acquired system and the eliminated CO2 emissions.

Currently purchased and delivered cookers will also be part of the Green Living Moment (GLM) forestry and education project, which is funded by the Finnish ministry for foreign affairs.

Afstor offers a solution for many global issues

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