Thoughts from a local school teacher about the Afstor SolarCooker

The Afstor SolarCooker with an internet connection was delivered to a local school teacher who lives next to the school. Now the SolarCooker and internet connection are also available to the school and students. Below you can read the feedback received from the teacher about the system.

  • The cooker saves monthly money from school because the school does not have to budget money for charcoal for every month, which is about 16 dollars a month.
  • Improves the hygiene of food and cooking, as food is no longer prepared over an open fire.
  • Cooking is more comfortable because the kitchen temperature does not rise to uncomfortable levels  and there is no smoke in the air.
  • The cooker has made it easier us to communicate with mobile devices by charging them, as before we had to travel about 36km just to charge the devices.
  • There has been a shift in the teacher’s home towards a more gender equal direction, as the father of the teacher’s children has also become enthusiastic about cooking because cooking is much tidier and easier with a cooker.
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