New Afstor Solar Cookers arrived in Zambia

36 Afstor Solar Home and Cooker systems have arrived at their destination in Chimuyu rural community in Zambia and are now being installed. 🌿

36 solar cookers offset private and corporate donors’ CO2emissions each year by an amount equivalent to 1 800 000 km driven by car. During its 20 year lifespan, these 36 solar systems will prevent 4608 tons of CO2 emissions from entering our atmosphere. 🌿

It is eye-opening to compare Emission reduction impacts of different solar investments: a PV system installed in a medium-sized detached house in Finland saves ca 0.4 tonnes of CO2 per year (when it replaces electricity produced with fossil fuels), while the same investment (in €) in Afstor solar cookers in Zambia would prevent staggering 12.8 tonnes of CO2 emissions. 🌿

Also, Afstor Solar Home and Cooker system frees up two hours a day (Yes, you read that right!) for Zambian women and children from gathering firewood for studying and more productive activities than household chores. 🌿

Which investment makes more sense to you?  🌿

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Solar installation in Africa
Solar panel on the roof