Afstor Road so Far

August 2019:

Afstor presentative Ari Piispanen at Zambia demonstrating new innovation Solar cooker for reducing wood and coal burning in Africa. Aiming a sustainable forest management and provision of clean and renewable energy. New Solar Cooker also seen in newscast in Zambia.

October 2019:

Again, in Zambia in representing early prototype of Solar Cooker in local village.

November 2019:

Signing maintenance, distribution and training agreement in Zambia. Representing Solar Cooker in Zambian countryside. Heard local opinion and concern about local environment. When all wood is burned, next energy source is burning manure and that is when all nutrients will disperse. Finally, locals only choice is to find new place to live.

Story from Zambian kids about local living as a school play.

-Teacher notices that everyone wasn’t at school in time, especially some girls are missing.

-A girl responses that her mother is sick, and she had to get more wood for cooking, that is why she is late.

-Teacher sees that more girls are late from school.

-Another girl tells that she had to get more charcoal for cooking.

-A boy tells that his mother was bitten by snake when she was collecting wood and he had to go gather wood before school.

Kids are late from school because and haven’t made their homework’s because most of time is consumed by gathering wood and fetching water.

-Boy tells that he hasn’t made any homework’s because after school he had to go gather more firewood.

-Girl tells that she is very tired and falls asleep in middle of lessons, because only light for making homework’s was moonlight and moon was visible at very late in evening.

Teacher asks from one girl that why she is so drowsy. Girl answers that she had to gather firewood and fetch water for the family.

Last boy tells why he hasn’t made homework’s. Because all daytime is consumed by gathering wood and in evening gets dark.

Because these reasons, especially girls are away from school. Their time is consumed by gathering wood and fetching water.

January 2020:

Ari again in Zambia with new model of Solar Cooker. Solar Cooker is also suitable for local street kitchen.

February 2020:

Ari on the way for new trip to Zambia and after that to Brussel.

Zambia: Safely at destination after 32 hours. Little changes in plans because local insurgents.

Brussel: Representing concept of Afstor in Lappeenranta Green Deal seminar at European parliament.

March 2020:

New Solar Cookers assembled in Zambia. Cookers work and it is a good start to reducing wood burning.