The Afstor Solar Cooker produces energy for cooking, telecommunication device charging and lighting

In addition to forestation, benefits of a Afstor solar cooker:

  • Significant reduction CO2 emissions (one Afstor solar cooker is equivalent to 250 000 km car driving)
  • At home, more learning opportunities for children
  • Fewer forest fires due to less burning for food making
  • Economical benefits for families (less charcoal and lamp oil)
  • Usage of time saved e.g. for forestations
  • Solar cooker has zero particle emissions
About a Afstor solar cooker:
  • Solar cooker has a patented energy usage meter to follow CO2 benefits
  • Each cooker Includes solar cell, battery and induction type cooking plate

Each Afstor Solar Cooker has its own website page where the amount of usage and C02 benefit can be seen