Our promise

  • When purchasing a Afstor Solar Cooker, you reduce the need for burning of wood and reduce carbon dioxide caused by the burning
  • Make a contribution to Africa with Afstor Solar Cooker innovation:
    • If you purchase Afstor Soolar Cooker to Africa, you provide electricity to families
    • For deliveries purchased to Africa and linked to emission compensation trading, we grant a 5 year warranty
    • Then children of the families have more time for schooling and parents for forestation
    • Each Afstor Solar Cooker has its own website page, where the amount of usage and its C02 benefit can be seen
  • Our company operaties according to sustainable principles
  • Our company invests most of its profit to develop the company further. We have a moderate divident policy for owners.
1.8.2019 Zambia’s main news broadcast